Terry Brown
Terry is a lawyer and business advisor and has been advising clients for over 35 years, specialising for the past 10 years in the area of taxation debt negotiation. Terry works closely with our clients and the ATO with the view to establishing a working relationship that is conducive to securing the most appropriate objectives for our clients. Terry is a Founding Director of the McGrath Foundation and current Chairman of its Risk Committee.


Michael Moon
Michael is an experienced lawyer, accountant and business advisor and has been advising businesses and clients for over 25 years. Michael has a keen understanding of how businesses work and the impact that cash flow and debt issues can have on a business’ day to day operations and ongoing viability. Michael works hand in hand with our clients to assist them with their dealings with the ATO so as to achieve optimal outcomes for them and their businesses.



We also work closely with an experienced team of external advisors in order to ensure that we achieve optimal and commercially acceptable outcomes for our clients. These advisors are experts in their fields and include the following areas:

Legal | Accounting | Insolvency | Finance | Business Advisory